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Bulk Tour-Grade U/UTP CAT6 Cable, 100 Metre Roll

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BCT60U is a CAT6 networking cable featuring a Highflex™ outer jacket which is specifically designed for professional use in highly demanding applications.

The conductor section of the BCT60U consists of 4 twisted pairs with stranded copper 24AWG conductors while a dual-jacket design provides great flexibility with a solid feel.

This cable is a perfect choice for touring, rental and live sound applications and can be used to connect audio, visual or data devices.
It has been designed to withstand the rigours of demanding environments and still keep it's shape, even after numerous times of winding and unwinding.

Length: 100 Metre Reel


  • Highflex™ solid & flexible jacket
  • 24 AWG thin and dense stranded conductors
  • 8.2 mm (Ø) outer diameter
  • U/UTP construction
  • Bi-jacketed

Physical characteristics

Type of cable U/UTP CAT6 Networking cable
Inner conductor Material BC 7 x 0.2 mm (Ø) (OFC)
Section 0.22 mm²
Number of conductors 8 (4 pairs)
Insulation Material HDPE 1.02 mm (Ø)
Audio Conductor twisting Lay length ≤ 30 mm
Insulation Colours Green / White & Green ; Blue / White & Blue ; Orange / White & Orange ; Brown / White & Brown
Separator Cross web Filling (PE)
Inner jacket Material Durable PVC 6.6 mm (Ø)
Outer jacket Material Flexible PVC 8.2 mm (Ø)
Colours Black
Inner conductor American Wire Gauge 24 AWG

Standards and regulations

RoHS2 compliant According EU Directive 2011/65/EU
Reach compliant According EC 1907/2006
Flammability test According IEC 60332-1
Indoor / outdoor Indoor
Cabling standard ISO/IEC11801

Mechanical characteristics

Temperature range Fixed installation - 20 °C till + 75 °C
Mobile installation - 15 °C till + 60 °C
Bending radius Fixed installation 10 x outer diameter
Mobile installation 12 x outer diameter

Electrical characteristics

Max. conductor DC resistance 140 (Ω / Km)
DC resistance unbalanced 5 %
Dielectric strength 1.5 (KV / 1 min. DC)
Max. Delay / Skew 45 (ns / 100 m)
Nom. Velocity of propagation 65 %
Characteristic impedance 100 Ω ± 15 Ω
Nom. mutual capacitance ≤ 5.6 (nF / 100 m)
Pair to ground capacitance unbalance ≤ 330 (nF / 100 m)