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We've got Australia's largest range of professional-quality audio, video and digital cable solutions.
So no matter if you're looking for something for your personal stereo system or you're about to jump on stage in front of 10,000 fans, we'll get you connected.

PRIME Series

The Prime series from PROCAB offers you the highest class in cables.
This series has been specifically designed to withstand the harshest use and abuse that any rental and road application can throw at them.

The Highflex™, Ultraflex™ and Duraflex™ cable technologies implemented in the cable provide you with the right flexibility and solid feel when you need it most. The premade cables and cable reels are equipped with the highest quality Neutrik and PROCAB connectors, ensuring reliability and the most trustworthy communication.

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The Classic series from PROCAB offers a stunning line of premade audio, visual and digital cables and adapters that will suit any application.
The sophisticated product design and overall cable quality is unheard of in this price range. The gold-plated, molded connectors make the Classic series the ideal solution for both fixed installations as well as mobile use.

We're so confident in the build quality of the cables that all Classic series products are covered by a 5-year replacement warranty. 

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BASIC Series

Don't be fooled by the name, the BASIC series consists of a line of audio, video and data cables and connectors which punch well above their weight!

These reasonably-priced solutions provide you with what you need without the unnecessary bells and whistles. Supplied with minimal packaging, these no-fuss solutions are suitable for use in mobile audio systems, data centers, home AV systems, corporate environments or anywhere else where reliable, rock-solid cables are appreciated.

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If you're handy with a screwdriver or soldering iron, you might want to consider making your own cables.

We have an extensive range of cable, connectors and cable accessories so we're sure you'll fine exactly what you need for making or modifying your cables.
Happy Soldering!

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