PRIME Series
Ultraflex Microphone Cable


Brand Procab
SKU: PRO-PRA901/1.5

Neutrik XLR Male to Neutrik XLR Female

The PRA901 is a balanced microphone cable with an Ultraflex™ jacket and industry-standard Neutrik XLR connectors.

Part of our PRIME series, it's ideal for use in the studio or on the stage and should be your first choice when you need a rugged, reliable cable for professional use.


Procab Ultraflex Cable
PRA901 uses our PMC224 premium microphone cable.
This ultra-flexible cable is ideal for onstage and studio use and is designed to remain straight and lay flat on the floor no matter how it is treated.
The exterior PVC jacket can withstand an extreme amount of bending cycles.



Procab Neutrik Connectors


PRA901 is fitted with Neutrik NC3MXX-BAG (male) & NC3FXX-BAG (female) XLR connectors, which feature black metal housings and silver connectors.
Neutrik are the worldwide standard for XLR connectors. 



PRA901 (and all PRIME cables) are equipped with a factory-installed shrinksleeve.
They can be used to protect a company logo or cable tag and can be easily shrunk with a heatgun (or hair dryer).

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