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Neutrik SpeakON Female to Neutrik SpeakON Female

The PRA502 (2-core) and PRA504 (4-core) loudspeaker cables with a Highflex™ jacket and Neutrik SpeakOn speaker connectors.
Ideal for studio, stage and mobile applications.


Procab Highflex Cable
PRA502 / PRA504 uses our PLS225 / PLS425 premium speaker cable.
The impressive rolling & unrolling performance of this cable makes it great for use  onstage and in professional environments.


Procab Neutrik Connectors
 PRA502 /PRA504 are fitted with genuine Neutrik SpeakON connectors.
They're the industry standard for all professional speaker applications.


PRA502, PRA504 and all of our PRIME series cables come supplied with a pre-installed shrinksleeve. 
They are able to be 'shrunk' over a company logo or other descriptive label allowing you to easily identify all of your cables.