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Bulk Microphone Cable | UltraFlex™

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Premium Balanced Microphone Cable

PMC224 is a high-quality microphone cable with an ultra flexible outer jacket.
If you're looking to make your own audio cables to use in a studio or for live stage use, PMC224 is the ultimate choice! 

In fact, it is the cable that we use to construct our top-of-the-line PRIME premade audio cables such as PRA901, PRA723 & PRA724
Procab Ultraflex Cable
PMC224 features an Ultraflex outer jacket which is ultra-flexible (as the name suggests), designed to remain straight and lay flat on the floor no matter how it's treated.
The exterior PVC jacket can withstand an extreme amount of bending cycles and has an outer jacket diameter of 6.5mm.
Oxygen-Free Copper Inner Conductor
PMC224 contains two 24 AWG (0.22 mm²) conductors consisting of 28 copper strands with 0.10 mm thickness.
The use of high-purity copper ensures optimal signal transmission and low capacitance.
Bare Copper Spiral Shielding
The inner conductors are surrounded by a 80-strand copper spiral shielding with superior coverage. 
This high-coverage shielding provides great immunity against interference.


Procab PMC224 Bulk Audio Cable
PMC224 is available in 100 Metre Reels.