PRIME Series
Ultraflex Stereo Jack - XLR Cable


Brand Procab
SKU: PRO-PRA724/1.5

Neutrik XLR Male to Neutrik 6.3mm JACK Male Stereo

The PRA724 is a balanced audio cable with an Ultraflex™ jacket and a Neutrik 6.3mm JACK connector at one end and a Neutrik XLR connector at the other end.

PRA724 is part of our PRIME series of cables.
PRIME is Procab's premium cable range and contains all of the features required for use in demanding environments. Perfect for touring and rental applications.



Procab Ultraflex Cable
PRA724 is manufactured from our top-of-the-line balanced audio cable PMC224.
The cable is ultra-flexible, perfect for a life on the road and nights of constant use.
PRA724 is available in a handy length of 1.5 Metres, so we recommend pairing it with our PRA901 microphone cables if longer lengths are required.


Procab Neutrik Connectors
PRA724 is fitted with a Neutrik NC3MXX-BAG (male) XLR connector at one end and a Neutrik NP3X-B stereo 6.3mm TRS Jack at the other.
 Both connectors are finished in black nickel housings.
Procab Gold-Plated Connectors
The Neutrik NP3X-B is a stereo 6.3mm TRS (tip/ring/sleeve) Jack connector.
Its gold-plated, one-piece tip has been machined without rivets for extra strength.


PRA724 is fitted with a clear, shrinksleeve.
Use it to provide protection for a cable label or company tag to better identify and protect your investment.

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