PRIME Series
Highflex 3-Pin DMX / AES Cable


Brand Procab
SKU: PRO-PRD953/1.5

Neutrik XLR Male to Neutrik XLR Female

The PRD953 is a balanced 110ohm cable with an Highflex™ jacket and Neutrik XLR connectors.
Ideal for AES audio and DMX lighting applications.

Part of our PRIME series, it's ideal for use in the studio or on the stage and should be your first choice when you need a rugged, reliable cable for professional lighting or digital audio applications.


Procab Highflex Cable
PRD953 uses our PMX222 premium 110 Ohm DMX-AES cable.
The combination of stranded conductors and a smooth PVC outer jacket provides a great flexibility with a solid feel.
The impressive rolling & unrolling performance of this cable makes it great for use  onstage and in professional environments.
The dark grey outer jacket makes it easy to distinguish these 110 Ohm cables from standard microphone cables while remaining discrete.
Procab DMX-AES Cable
PMX222 cable is a true 110 Ohm cable and provides a reliable digital signal link.
It is designed to be used for the transmission of DMX lighting control signals or AES signals for the exchange of digital audio information between professional audio devices.


Procab Neutrik Connectors
 PRD953 is fitted with Neutrik NC3MXX-BAG (male) & NC3FXX-BAG (female) 3Pin XLR connectors, which feature black metal housings and silver connectors.
They set the benchmark for reliability and contact integrity.


PRD953 (along with all of our PRIME series cables) come supplied with a pre-installed shrinksleeve.
They are able to be 'shrunk' over a company logo or other descriptive label allowing you to easily identify all of your cables.

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