PRIME Series
Ultraflex Stereo Jack - XLR Cable


Brand Procab
SKU: PRO-PRA723/1.5

Neutrik XLR Female to Neutrik 6.3mm JACK Male Stereo

The PRA723 is a balanced audio cable with an Ultraflex™ jacket and a Neutrik 6.3mm JACK connector at one end and a Neutrik XLR connector at the other end.

Part of our PRIME series, it's ideal for use in the studio or on the stage and should be your first choice when you need a rugged, reliable cable for professional use.



Procab Ultraflex Cable
PRA723 is made using our PMC224 premium balanced audio cable.
As the name suggests, it's ultra-flexible and can handle being rolled and unrolled a countless number of times.
PRA723 is available in a handy length of 1.5 Metres, so connect it into one of our PRA901 microphone cables to extend its length.


Procab Neutrik Connectors
PRA723 is fitted with a Neutrik NC3FXX-BAG (female) XLR connector at one end and a Neutrik NP3X-B stereo 6.3mm TRS Jack at the other.
 Both connectors feature professional black metal housings.
Procab Gold-Plated Connectors
The Neutrik NP3X-B jack connector is protected by a black nickel coating and features a gold-plated connector with a precisely-machined, one-piece tip contact which has been manufactured without rivets which improves the connector durability.


All PRIME cables (including PRA723) include a clear, glue-free shrinksleeve which can be gently heated with a heatgun (or other heat source) to protect a cable label for easy cable identification.


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