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PRIME Series
Highflex 4-Core Speaker Cable


Brand Procab

Premium 4-Core Speaker Cable

PLS425 is a premium-quality 4-core speaker cable with an highly flexible outer jacket.
If you need to make your own 4-core speaker cables for use in a studio or for live stage use, PLS425 is the ultimate choice! 

PLS2425 is the speaker cable that we use to construct our top-of-the-line PRIME premade speaker cables PRA504.
 Procab Highflex Cable
PLS425 features a Highflex outer jacket which provides great ease of installation for fixed systems while having perfect rolling & unrolling performance for highly demanding mobile applications.
The outer diameter of the cable is 11.0 mm.
Oxygen-Free Copper Inner Conductor
PLS425 contains four cores of 13 AWG (2.5 mm²) conductors which are made up of 224 copper strands of 0.12 mm thick oxygen-free copper.
The conductors are manufactured from thin and dense strands of high purity copper.
PLS425 is available in 100 Metre Reels. 

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