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Premade CAT5E Cable | EtherCON

Prime Series

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CAT5E - Ethercon Male to Ethercon Male

The PRD520 is a Cat5E data cable with a Duraflex™ jacket and Neutrik Ethercon connectors.
Ideal for all data applications.
Supports 10Base-T, 100Base-TX and 1000Base-T gigabit networks

Part of our PRIME series, it's ideal for use in the studio or on the stage and should be your first choice when you need a rugged, reliable cable for professional data applications.


Procab Duraflex Cable
PRD520 cables uses our PCT50SF premium Cat5E cable.
Unlike any other CAT5E cable available on the market, the Duraflex™ outer jacket is constructed using a double-extrusion technique with a polyurethane outer and PVC inner jacket. The polyurethane outer jacket offers an excellent resistance against mechanical wear due to pulling, bending, cracking and UV exposure, while the PVC inner jacket keeps it easy to handle. 
The conductor section consists of 4 pairs with stranded 24 AWG conductors, while the double shielding consisting of an overall aluminum foil surrounded by a braided shield.


Neutrik Connectors
 PRD520 is fitted with Neutrik Ethercon Male connectors at each of the cable.
They are the premium standard for data connections where reliability and performance is critical. 


PRD520 like all of our PRIME series data cables, come supplied with a pre-installed shrinksleeve. 
They are able to be 'shrunk' over a company logo or other descriptive label allowing you to easily identify all of your cables.